Adult Acne: What Causes It, And How To Get Rid Of It?

Acne affects not only teenagers, but also many adults as well. This is something that is often not known by many people, but is something that is very common. About 25% or more of adults are affected by acne.

Let's have a look at adult acne, its causes and how to treat it.

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The causes of adult acne:

1. The most common cause of adult acne is acne due to increased production of sebum, increased bacterial growth on the skin, blocked pores, or a combination of the 3. In fact, the combination of 2 or 3 factors is the most common scenario.

What causes increased sebum production? In males it's the effect of testosterone, converted to DHT a form of testosterone that affects the skin's production of sebum or oil. In women, it's the same, except that the testosterone levels are much lower. As we age, the skin in most adults settle down, but unfortunately in many, it does not, resulting in adult acne.

Increased bacterial growth is something that occurs on some people, and is not well understood. What we're talking about here is the pathogenic bacteria that contributes to acne. Alone, it may not cause as much problems, but when combined with sebum and blocked pores it's a much greater problem.

Blocked pores is something that occurs if your skin exfoliates in a way that is not smooth and thus blocks itself as it occurs.Again, it is not fully understood why this happens, but it is known that the acne treatment products that work, work to address all 3 of these factors: the sebum, the bacteria and the blocked pores.

2. A rarer cause of adult acne are medical conditions and medications.

For example hormonal conditions such as excess hormonal production can cause acne, but these can cause other symptoms as well. In women, the menstrual cycyle can also be accompanied by acne and skin changes.

Medications, usually prescribed ones, can also cause acne as a side effect.

So if you suspect these causes, or have other symptoms, then you may need to see your doctor to check it out.

The treatment of adult acne:

Treating acne in adults involves these options:

1. Sensible skin care to not aggravate your skin.

2. A good healthy diet, including the low GI diet to help reduce acne.

3. Acne products that work to reduce sebum, reduce pathogenic acne bacteria and to reduce blocked pores.

4. Topical and prescribed medications for acne.

So there you go.

These are the causes and treatments for adult acne that you shoudl be aware of. The bottom line is to do what you can to look after your skin and to use a product that works to get rid of acne.

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Adult acne is something that is common. It's not just a condition that we get when we're in our teens and just grow out of when we're in our 20's. Adult acne can persist to the age of 40's and beyond if untreated.